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What has SBCT Products been up to?

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

What felt like a very long hiatus to many beloved customers of Southern Belle Curly Tail ; the 22 year old owner Ky’Rianna Washington says that it was probably one of the most wisest decisions she could have made for herself and her company.

Ky'Rianna is a well known business owner who began building her business and clientele across North Florida and Georgia at the age of 15 years old. Ky'Rianna explained the beauty and the ugly of owning a business before the age 25.

Ky'Rianna moved to Louisiana in 2019 to attend school at the Southern University and A&M College where she later realized her relationship with God was growing powerfully and the new path that God set out for her was nothing like what her mother sent her there for. So, Ky'Rianna decided to focus on only growing her company full time and building her relationships with God.

By September of 2020 Ky'Rianna had expanded her customer base throughout Louisiana & Texas and created her very first website ( and sold her popular products at her first pop-up shop in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

For the next year and a half she was selling out and restocking month after month while creating new products like: sugar scrubs and body butters for customers far and near.

Soon after the summer of 2022 Ky'Rianna stated that she began to experience" creators block " and " burnout " which resulted in her temporarily closing down her website and social media. Ky'Rianna explained that she began to move away from what God told her to do with the company and lost the true vision of Southern Belle Curly Tail. Ky'Rianna stated that though she was not selling products or promoting her business she still had faith in this temporary break.

Ky'Rianna explained that taking a minor hiatus was also needed for her mental, physical, and spiritual health and if she did not take a break she would have ruined everything she worked so hard for...

Ky'Rianna speaks on how she's more ready than ever for this new season of Southern Belle Curly Tail because her break prepared her for her breakthrough!

She is now taking her time with meeting her goals and enjoying herself along the journey of ownership.

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